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Bronze Sculpture

Further back than any of us can remember, bronze sculptures were created. For thousands of years, bronze has been the medium of choice for sculptors. I am Anghel Bucur, sculptor, and I have continued the tradition and have incorporated many bronze sculptures into my work. Bronze is a sturdy material and is not as prone to breakage as some other types of sculptures, marble, and clay. I do work in both marble, clay, and other materials as well. However, because of its history, bronze has a special place in my heart.

I am always thrilled when someone commissions me to create a new bronze statue for them. It brings my heart joy to know that others still appreciate the look and feel of bronze. Over time, as the patina goes through its natural changes, it's like the piece evolves into something else entirely. The look is different, the vibe is different. It's been through a lot in its life, just like those who own it. It has been forever changed by the life around it, just like we all have.

If you're interested in a bronze sculpture, feel free to look over some of mine on my website, If the look of bronze doesn't appeal to you, check out some of my other materials. Perhaps a more modern piece done in silver would look wonderful in your Mulmur, ON, Canada home, or maybe something done in clay, or even wood is more to your liking. I am sure that you will be able to find a sculpture that appeals to you. I have an eclectic mix of pieces for you to check out. I would love to have one of my pieces in your home or even your office. I enjoy bringing art to all.

For more information contact me!

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