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Figure Art

I am Anghel Bucur, Sculptor. I have many clients contact me after purchasing one of my sculptures looking for advice on showing them off in their home. Unlike a painted picture, which can go directly on the wall of your choice, figure art requires that you find just the right way and space to display it. Mulmur, ON, Canada residents who are looking for display ideas can relax, there are plenty of ways to display my sculptures. If you don't yet have one or more of my sculptures, it's time to get one. Check them out on my web page located at

Do you have built-in shelves or a bookshelf? A piece of sculpture breaks up the monotony of book after book and adds a fun unexpected touch to the space. Figure art on a table or a pedestal in the entryway of your home is an instant attention grabber. Make the piece the star of the room, place your favorite sculpture on a pedestal, or tall end table, add lighting that's focused on the piece. All eyes will be drawn to it.

Add a floating shelf in the living room to house your sculpture. If you don't have built-ins and have limited space for shelving and tables, this is a great alternative. A sculpture can even sit on the floor. Place it beneath a table, bench, or shelf. Just make sure that it's a larger piece that can stand up to this type of display. A smaller piece will just look lost and out of place.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to display your artwork at home, it's time to pick up a new piece or two. I have pieces created using various materials, one or more is certain to work in your home.

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